Beryllium is the fourth element on the periodic table. It has an atomic mass of 9.01.Beryllium_ELK.png

Location and Structure

Beryllium is located in Group 2 and Period 2

It has 4 protons, 5 neutrons, 4 electrons.


Isotopes and Ions

Isotopes of Beryllium are : Be-6, Be-7, Be-8, Be-10, Be-11, Be-12, Be-13, Be-14, Be-15 and Be-16. All Isotopes of Beryllium are radioactive. The average form of Beryllium (Be-9) is the only stable form of Beryllium. The only Ion of Beryllium is Be2+

Discovery of Beryllium

Louis-Nicolas Vauquelin discovered Beryllium in France during the year 1798. Vauquelin also discovered Chromium.


Separation and Isolation of Beryllium

Beryllium was first isolated in 1828 by Fredrich Wohler. He did this by the action on potassium on beryllium chloride.

Physical Features

Beryllium is a hard, brittle, whitish-grey metal. It is strong, and lightweight. At normal temperatures and pressures beryllium does not oxidize.


Uses of Beryllium and Interesting Facts

One of Beryllium's uses are radiation windows. Radiation windows are used in X-ray tubes250px-Be_foil_square.jpg. Because of beryllium's stiffness and the fact that it is light weight make it perfect for use in high speed aircraft. Beryllium is also used to make mirrors that are used in deep space telescopes. Also beryllium is used in the making of nuclear warheads. Some interesting facts about beryllium are that it was used in florescent light bulbs. It is one of the few elements that does not naturally occur isolated in nature.




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