Copper is in group 11 of periodic table located in period 4.
images-1.jpeg A model of a copper atom on the left.

Copper has 67Cu and 70Cu- isotopes; 2+ ions. images-2.jpeg

One of the first metals known to man, free copper was mostly mined in the Tigris-Euphrates valley as long ago as the 5th cent. B.C. Cyprus, from which the metal's name originally comes, was the main source of copper in the ancient world. Nobody exactly knows who discovered it, since it was so long ago.


Physical Properties

(near __**r.t.**__)
8.94 __g·cm____−3__
Liquid __**density**__ at __**m.p.**__
8.02 g·cm
**Melting point**
1357.77 __K__, 1084.62 °__C__, 1984.32 °__F__
**Boiling point**
2835 __K__, 2562 °__C__, 4643 °__F__
**Heat of fusion**

13.26 __kJ·mol____−1__
**Heat of vaporization**
300.4 __kJ·mol____−1__
**Specific heat capacity**
(25 °C) 24.440 J·mol


Some uses of copper are making pennies and other coins,for canvas of paintings during 1560-1775, house-hold products like frying pans, creating bells, and it was used in making the Statue of Liberty.
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The price of copper throughout 2007 and 2008.