Element Symbol:Ge

Atomic Number:32

Atomic Mass:72.6 Isotopes:70Ge,72Ge,73Ge,74Ge and it does have one that is slightly radioactive.

Ions:4+ melting point (c)-947 chloride boilling point (`c)-86(GeCl)


external image image.tiffgermanium_4.png


Germanium has a garyish look to it. Light Wait in Water.

Hard,may be brittle.



===Germanium was frist discovered by Dmitri Medeleev he called it ekasilicon, that has the same


About too whole decades past, then a man by the name of Clemens Winkler in 1886, and since he was from Germany and thats were if was discovered germanium was named after germany.

In 1922 doctors in the U.S used the inorganie of the germanium to tereat the patients for anem

The U.S Food abd Drug Administration researched that germanium when used as a nutritional supplement it is a health hazard.

In Japan it is used for pet bottles but in the U.S Polymerization catalysts are not put with germanium.

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